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Tuesday, July 27, 2004  

Believe it or not, humans are actually alive outside Boston, eating, drinking, and in some cases, lawmaking.  Yesterday, the girlie men and women in Cali finally agreed on a budget.  Arnie now gets a photo-op and anther victory feather in his cap--the taunting notwithstanding.  Ah, but dig a little deeper, and it doesn't look like such a stunning victory after all.

First, as the LA Times drolly notes, "But in the end, it took the governor longer to reach an agreement on the budget than it did for his predecessor, former Gov. Gray Davis, last year — when voters cited their frustration with late budgets as a reason for recalling Davis."

More significantly for the Gropenator, getting the deal done cost a lot of political capital.  The central sticking point was a GOP effort to shield local governments from budget cuts for two years--shunting cuts off onto schools and universities, among other programs.  He ultimately caved in to Democrats on that one.  (Nyah, nyah, you got beat by girlie men.)  I suspect they'll remember the levels to which he stooped for future battles.

Probably good for Californians to get this out of the way.  Now everyone can live to fight again another day.

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