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Thursday, July 01, 2004  

The big news for Hollywood watchers is that Spider-Man 2 took in $40 mil yesterday. Impressive, I'll admit. On the other hand, it was open in a mind-boggling 4,152 theaters. For my money, the biggest news is the money Fahrenheit 9/11 continues to do.

First things first--it's no longer showing on 868 screens. Now it's 1,184. (How many movies show in a third more screens the week after they opened?) It earned $3.35 million yesterday, twice as much as Dodgeball ($1.81m, 3,020 screens), The Notebook ($1.8m, 2,303 screens), and White Chicks ($1.74 m, 2,726 screens), the 3, 4, and 5 movies in America.

It's also up to $35.7 million after five days, more money than the second- and third-grossing documentaries earned combined in their full runs. Fahrenheit 9/11 may well be the first $100-million doc. Spidey's good, but he ain't that good.

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