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Thursday, July 29, 2004  

Both Americas had the chance to watch the "two Americas" speech last night.  Did they tune in?  I can't find the numbers for Wednesday, but there's evidence that viewers are interested in the convention.  They tuned in to cable and PBS on Tuesday when the broadcast networks chose to run repeats of--what was it, Who Wants to Marry My Pig-Ugly Brother?

The Public Broadcasting Service pulled in an unexpected horde of viewers on Tuesday, about 3 million, up from 2.5 million for Monday night and about a million more than its normal audience, for three hours of prime-time convention coverage.

The viewing totals also increased at the three all-news cable channels on Tuesday night, most likely thanks to viewers who might have otherwise watched one of the network channels. For the night, CNN again had the most viewers, 2.362 million, just ahead of Fox News, which had 2.340 million. MSNBC also showed an impressive jump with 1.4 million.

Americans interested in politics--imagine. American democracy may not be dead yet.

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