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Tuesday, July 20, 2004  

David Brooks makes an inadvertent discovery

In one of the more amusing David Brooks columns I've read in a long time, the thoughtful Bobo waxes rapt about a Yale professor, Charles Hill.

College students, even at Yale, live enveloped by uncertainty. What should I do with my life? What really matters? Hill seemed to them a man who in the course of years had figured it all out. He was an austere but commanding presence in their lives.

After he goes all tingly describing the affect the Great Man has had on the great young minds of the Ivy League, he poses this Very Serious Question: "Why aren't there more scholars, like Hill, Gaddis and Kennedy, who teach students to be generalists, to see the great connections?"

Psst, hey Dave, here's a hot tip. There are places where you can learn life's great connections. In fact, there's even a name for such a thing: the liberal arts

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