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Thursday, July 29, 2004  

"I will be a commander-in-chief who will never mislead us into war. I will have a vice president who will not conduct secret meetings with polluters to rewrite our environmental laws. And I will appoint an attorney-general who actually upholds the constitution of the United States."

--John Kerry, acceptance speech at the Democratic convention

Holy crap.  Who saw that coming?  The convention has been so on-message, the speakers so well chosen, that I was hoping Kerry would come in and deliver a serviceable speech.  A speech that would be remembered in the context of the unity and optimism of an energized party.  No one's going to remember any of that--they're going to remember Kerry and his stunning speech.

Throughout the convention, the Kerry camp made sure everyone kept their gloves on.  Who guessed that was because he intended to take them off?  He went through Bush's attacks and one by one he answered them directly.  The signature event from his biography was in turning a gunboat straight into fire and charging the attacker.  With this speech, he turned the boat--the one we're all in--and charged Bush.  Remarkable.

I flipped around and Tom Brokaw declared it an amazing speech.  On CBS, Bob Shieffer called it a success.  On PBS, even David Brooks felt it put the GOP behind the eight-ball.  "They might not be able to go on the attack," he said (to paraphrase).  The only whingers were Air America, whom I'm listening to now, who are giving tepid praise at best.  It's not clear that they didn't expect Howard Dean to actually make the acceptance.

If John Kerry can't win now--when he is in the majority on every policy and is facing draft-dodging layabout whose life and presidency is with corruption, incompetence, and failure--I'm moving to Canada.

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