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Wednesday, July 07, 2004  

I'm sort of toying with the idea (again) of shutting this blog down and starting anew--or even just shutting it down. The blogosphere seems to be going through some changes of late, and I'm feeling the same vibe. But before I do anything rash, here's a question. Are there already enough blogs? Mostly we don't ask that question because mostly bloggers don't care. They're writing because they want to and if anyone reads, well cool. But after a year and a half (my sesqui-annual is in three days), maybe I've said enough. If I were to continue on, I'd like to think the blog served a need. Is there one?

[More. Daniel Geffen asks a couple of pithy questions. My initial post was a little lame, so I'll use them to frame a clarification.

First, why would you shut down this blog and start a new one?
There's a certain momentum that carries a blog along, and it's not perfectly in the control of the blogger. Blogs are wholly free-form, which is good on the one hand (the blogger isn't limited to a editorial scope) but also bad (the reader never knows what s/he'll find, and the blogger has to come up with snappy content all day long).

I'd like to have more focus and more intention behind the blog. I would write more interesting things and feel more engaged (do 5,000 blogs really need to link to every WaPo article?), and if it were an interesting scope, readers might feel more interested in dropping by. (My hits have plateaued at about 200 per day, which ain't bad, but it ain't great, either.)

Second, what are the changes you note in the blogosphere of late?
We're coming to the end of a political era, and I think many bloggers are looking beyond November. I know when I started, back in the pre-Dean era, I felt like targeting the President's misdeeds was important. Now he's crashing and burning and there are a million blogs devoted to throwing gas on the fire. Possibly many of us are wondering what's next.

So that's really the question: what's next? Any help would be much appreciated.]

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