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Monday, July 19, 2004  

Time for the Knock-Out

Yesterday on Meet the Press, there were three discussions.  The first was a discussion with Senator Robert Byrd about whether George W. Bush a despot? The second was whether Bush left the US unsafe?  And the third was campaign analysis that led with ... whether John Kerry is a flip-flopper. 

It's fairly typical.  Nearly everything's going wrong for the White House, so after reporting the news, the media, beholden to its own bizarre definition of "objective," goes the the "negative" story about Kerry--Bush's talking point that he's wishy-washy.  Bush's administration has become a PR campaign to steer the press away from the signature policies of his administration.  We get gay marriage, not Iraq.  We get identity theft, not jobs.  Hell, things are so bad the press has indulged in speculation, to the White House's great annoyance, that Bush is going to dump Cheney from the ticket. 

The problem is, Kerry's playing into his hand.  Clearly, he needs to have a full slate of policy initiatives.  But his message should be this: Bush always talks priorities.  Fine.  Here's his priorities.  In economics, he favors the wealthy over the poor.  He favors big business over small business.  In the war on terror, he favors invasion over security.  In foreign policy, he favors unilateralism over collaboration. 

But Kerry, instead of going Rove on the White House, is batting back Bush's feeble thrusts.  He defends himself on flip-flopping, he argues values, he changes the subject when Bush brings up gay marriage.  Why on earth is Bush setting the discussion?  Forget values for a month or two.  Start hammering Bush where it really hurts--his supposed "successes."  That's the most vicious attack of all.

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