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Thursday, July 08, 2004  

Wow, Kerry must have gotten the right guy. Judging by the volume and vitriol of the attack, the GOP must be really freaked by the young Mr. Edwards. Bill O'Reilly called them "the most liberal ticket ever" (apparently Bill hasn't heard of the other JFK); the National Review described him as dangerously "callow;" and of course the lovely Ann Coulter, so overcaffienated that understatement would function as hyperbole, went for "devil-worshipping." But among the more sober attacks came pointed shots from "business leaders," accusations that we'll hear until the election:

Business groups mobilized quickly after the selection of John Edwards to fling the two words they think will most sour voters on the Democratic vice presidential candidate: trial lawyer.

"As a trial lawyer, Edwards is associated with a controversial fringe of the legal profession that conducts raids on companies that not infrequently lead to larger financial gains for themselves than their individual clients," Jerry Jasinowski, president of the National Association of Manufacturers, said in a statement.

So business hates the Johns. It's an easy storyline for the press to run with, a nice white-hat/black-hat tale of trial lawyers versus big business. They may even give the Johns the white hat from time to time. What it misses, though, is that there's business (Halliburton, Monsanto, Exxon) and then there's business (Jake's Plumbing, Quik Copy, Mel's Diner). This year, the Johns and the Fuck You ticket have very different plans for business. Big business is right to be frightened by Kerry/Edwards. But what about small business? Where should its loyalties lie?

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