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Monday, August 09, 2004  


If not for the generosity of other bloggers and readers, no one would ever continue to blog. I have many thanks to distribute.

This blog got an early boost from Atrios, who linked me in my second month. He later added me to his blogroll and literally something like 15% of my hits have been referred through his site. Other major bloggers like Bill Scher, Kevin Drum, Max Sawicky, Jeralyn Merritt, Brad DeLong, Nathan Newman, Jesse Taylor, Jesse Berney, Susie Madrak, Mark Kleiman, Mary Beth, Avedon Carol, and even Tom Tomorrow all linked me up and helped me get established. Many were also cool about engaging in email discussions as well. Kos, in fact, let me use him in a pitch I had about what effects blogs might have on politics. It was a great pitch and both the Nation and the American Prospect considered it--probably in large part because of the Kos connection. Those are the kinds of things you don't see, but everyone should know about it.

I also got constant support from the larger community of bloggers with smaller readerships--so many it's not possible to thank them all. In many cases, these blogs have better prose and more interesting commentary than the larger blogs. My "Daily Link" exercise was illuminating. There are fifty bloggers I could tap should I ever want to launch a political mag (we need a few more of those), and it would instantly be one of the best. Seriously.

Nevertheless, a few of you have been especially supportive, and I want to give you one more link. Since the blog started, Lawrence Krubner has offered incredibly insightful commentary here. We disagreed on the war, and that led to a long and productive discussion. In a similar way, Steve at Absit Invidia has been a kindred spirit with different views on many things. eRobin at Fact-esque has been a reader since before she started her blog, and saved many of my lamer posts from getting zero comments. Ignatius has been tireless in commenting and backing me up on technical issues, and hosts the Dossiers. The delightful Elayne Riggs is one of the most generous linkers in the 'sphere, and she always brought brightness to the blog when she commented. Anne, Annie, Mama, Lane, Jake, Mary, Martin, Lisa, Mick, C. Bryan, R@d@r, and Zizka have all been great linkers and great readers. (Apologies to anyone I missed.) Thanks.

Amazingly, many non-bloggers actually just read the blog. Folks like Alfred Cloutier read and commented, and your thoughts were more valuable to me than links. When I looked at the Sitemeter stats, I saw people visiting the site from all over the world, from offices in the federal government and offices in multinational corporations. I never stopped marveling.

So, for all of you who read my posts, whether you linked or commented or just quietly checked in: thanks thanks thanks.

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