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Sunday, August 08, 2004  

Things Change

Before I left, I mentioned things were going to change around here, and they're about to--though it turned out the changes are a little bigger than I expected. I had planned to close Notes and begin a new blog called Dangerous Mind (it will only be up for ten more days, after which my 30-day free subscription to Typepad will expire). But after clearing my mind over the past six days--as I hoped would happen--I've decided to close Notes and leave it at that.

I hate it when bloggers unexpectedly put up a single post announcing that it's their last and then you never hear from them again. I'm going to post a few more times and try to bring this thing to an appropriate close. I've loved blogging and will always recall this as the "blogging year" (though it's been longer than a year). I would hate to end it badly. (Maybe you don't care, but, as always--indulge me.)

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